The Playhouse Company is a thriving amateur theatre company based at the Cheltenham Playhouse.  We stage a wide variety of theatrical productions - modern and classic plays, as well as musicals. 

Coming Up

2 November 2018 to 10 November 2018

By Graham Linehan
Directed by Anne Chandler
Based on the Motion Picture screenplay by William Rose

The classic Ealing black comedy re-imagined for the stage.

A gang of criminal misfits take refuge in the house of kindly Mrs Wilberforce whilst they plan their next big job.

Professor Marcus, the gang's mastermind, has concocted a devilish heist, which Mrs Wilberforce unwittingly becomes a part of. It's the perfect crime; after all who would suspect an innocent old lady of daylight robbery?

After Mrs Wilberforce becomes aware of their deception, it becomes clear that she is intent on going to the police and the gang realises there is only one way they can guarantee she stays silent…

But tying up this loose end soon threatens to unravel all of their best made plans!

By special arrangement with StudioCanal and Fiery Angel Ltd. London