The Playhouse Company is a thriving amateur theatre company based at the Cheltenham Playhouse.  We stage a wide variety of theatrical productions - modern and classic plays, as well as musicals. 

Coming Up

Playhouse Company Social
19:00  -  Tuesday 8th March 2022

Come on down and have a relaxed catch-up with The Playhouse Company. Share a few drinks, a few laughs, inevitably some gossip, we know what you're all like!

Join us at The Swan on Cheltenham High Street from 19:30 on Tuesday 8th March - wear something RED, so we know who's who!

Summer Production

Blackadder placeholder image

By Ben Elton and Richard Curtis
Directed by Anne Chandler

Reading  Thursday 31st March Montpellier Room
Auditions  Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th April Pittville Room
Performance Dates      Wednesday 29th - Saturday 2nd July Montpellier Room

We are delighted to announce our summer production this year.  We will be producing three episodes from the BBC's hit comedy television series, Blackadder II:

To avoid her family's destitution, Kate takes on the persona of Bob, a young man that enters Blackadder's service. Edmund immediately finds himself confusingly attracted to his comely new manservant.

Edmund is made royal executioner, after the previous one mistakenly signed his own death warrant.  In order to get half the week off, Edmund orders the execution of several prisoners a few days early.  All is going swimmingly until the Queen, beseeched by Lady Farrow, pardons Lord Farrow who wasn't due upon the chopping block until the end of the week.

Edmund finds out his ludicrously puritan aunt Lady Whiteadder is coming to stay the same night as he has planned a high-stakes drinking contest with Melchett.  Things escalate even further when Queen, determined to find out what happens at "boys night's" and decides to sneak into their party in disguise.


Recurring Characters

Lord Edmund Blackadder - An ambitious, yet contemptible, womanising nobleman.  The "hero" of our tales.

Lord Percy - Blackadder's long time associate. Though Percy holds Blackadder in the highest regard, Edmund holds him with nothing but disdain.

Baldrick - Blackadder's non-hygienic Servant, rumoured to be the worst servant in England.

Queen Elizabeth I - The Queen of England.

Lord Melchett - Queen Elizabeth's Advisor.

Nursie - Queen Elizabeth's Nurse.

Characters in "Bells"

Kate/Bob - A young woman forced to disguise herself as a manservant to make a living.  Blackadder's love interest.

Lord Flashheart - The best sword, the best shot, the best sailor, and the best kisser in the kingdom.

Dr Leech - A doctor obsessed with the healing power or Leeches.

Kate's Father - A man of meager means.

Wise woman - A woman who is wise.

Young Crone - A crone who is young.

Characters in "Head"

Lady Farrow - The beautiful and devoted wife of the recently executed Lord Farrow.

Gaoler Ploppy - A gaoler. Unrelated to Mrs Ploppy.

Mrs Ploppy - The last-meal cook. Unrelated to Gaoler Ploppy.

Earl Farrow - the brother of Lord Farrow.

Characters in "Beer"

Lady Whiteadder - The ludicrously Puritan Aunt of Edmund Blackadder.

Lord Whiteadder - The ludicrously Puritan Uncle to Edmund Blackadder.

Simon Partridge - A mutated Aristocrat.

Geoffrey Piddle -  A mutated Aristocrat.

Frobisher - A gross priest.

All are welcome to attend both the reading (an excellent opportunity to find out more) and the auditions.

The Playhouse Theatre 75th Anniversary

75th (+2) Anniversary Dinner Dance
19:00  -  Friday 8th April,  DoubleTree by Hilton

In 2020, the Playhouse reached its 75th year but the pandemic delayed our plans to mark the occasion; now, we can finally celebrate reaching this milestone.  The event starts at 7 pm with a red carpet entrance to live musicians and a welcome glass of prosecco.  At 8 pm there will be a two-course hot buffet followed by dancing and entertainment from 9.30 pm until 1 am.  As we formally opened the theatre on 9 April 1945, we can officially welcome in our 78th year on the stroke of midnight.

Numbers will be limited so we encourage those that haven't booked already to book their place via the Cheltenham Playhouse website.


Crowd of people

Extraordinary General Meeting
Merger with Playhouse Arts

Thank you to all who joined us for our EGM in November 2021, where a proposed merger with a new subsidiary of Playhouse Theatre, Playhouse Arts was passed.  We are very excited by the changes and the advantages it brings to our membership, although the details of the merger will take some time yet to finalise.

The minutes of the EGM are available for your viewing here:
Minutes of EGM, Wednesday 10/11/2021  (DOCX file) Doc Icon    (PDF) PDF Icon