How to Get Involved

Who to Contact

The Playhouse Company stages three productions throughout the year: usually one musical and two plays. We are a resident amateur company based at The Playhouse in Cheltenham.

We are always keen to welcome new members to take part in all areas of production - you do not have to act in order to be involved.

To contact us directly with any queries or to express any interest in getting involved, please use our Contact Form.

On Stage

If you want to get involved with acting in one of our productions, please keep an eye on our News page where details of our upcoming Readings and Auditions will be posted.

Readings and Auditions are open to all 

Off Stage

Front of House

Front of House (FOH) is the public-facing team, under the leadership of a FOH Manager, which provides services to the members of the public coming in to watch our shows: selling programmes, manning the Theatre Bar and Coffee Hatch etc.

This is a really straightforward way to get involved, and get to know the Company.

We expect all our members to provide FOH support when not involved in a production.  


Theatre provides a great opportunity to use a wide range of creative and practical skills.

We regularly need support in the backstage teams, and if you visit the News page you will see in which areas we are looking for help.

Backstage areas include the following:

  • Set-Building & Painting:
    We have a large workshop on site which we use to build our stage-sets. We have our own store of tools, wood, paint etc We always have a Workshop or Stage Manager, and Set Designer, who will direct the work. Useful skills would be:
    • flat painting and artistic painting
    • general carpentry
    • physical help with fitting the set up on the stage — and taking it down at the end of the run
  • Crewing for a Show: some shows require change of settings or props throughout performances, particularly with musicals.
  • Lighting: the Lighting Designer needs assistance with setting the lights on the stage bars, operating follow-spots (usually in musicals), and operating the computerised lighting-board throughout performances.
  • Properties (Props): the Properties Manager needs assistance with sourcing props needed for the set and the actors, and with managing the props during performances. There may also be opportunities to create specialist props.
  • Wardrobe: we have an extensive well-managed costume wardrobe housed at the Theatre. Wardrobe Managers regularly need help with dress-making, alterations, and sourcing costumes; and also assisting with quick-changes in the wings or dressing rooms during the performances.
  • Sound: the Sound Engineer would need assistance with sound-operation during the rehearsals and on-stage performances.
  • Prompt: there is always someone 'on-the-book' during rehearsals to prompt the actors when they forget or lose their lines. The Prompt also needs to be there, in the wings, at all on-stage performances. 

How to Join

If you are interested in joining our Company, please get in touch using our Contact Form.

Where to Find Us

For details of where we are located in Cheltenham, please look at the Find Us page.