Getting Involved

The Playhouse Company is an amateur theatre company, which means we are volunteers who fulfil all the roles required in order to put on theatre productions of all types - usually producing at least three full-stage productions each year at the beautiful Playhouse Theatre in Cheltenham. Membership is shared between the Playhouse Theatre and the Playhouse Company.

We are always keen to welcome new members to take part in all areas of production and do not require that you have membership in advance - neither do you have to act in order to be involved!

All upcoming opportunities to get involved (whether in supporting, acting, or directing roles) are regularly advertised in the Newsletters and News section and on our Facebook page

To contact us directly with any queries, please use our Contact Form.

On Stage

If you want to get involved with acting in one of our productions, please keep an eye on our News section and on our Facebook page where all acting opportunities and details of our upcoming Readings & Auditions will be posted.

What is a 'Reading'?

Readings are an excellent, low pressure opportunity to acquaint yourself with a productions script & character roles in prior to auditions. Those attending will together read through the script aloud - there is no pressure to read (you're welcome to simply listen in - ideal if you would rather be involved backstage), but there should be ample opportunity to read a part should you wish.

Readings are also an excellent opportunity to meet other company members, the director and other production team members. Auditions will usually take place shortly after one or more readings.

Readings and Auditions are open to all

Off Stage

The Playhouse Company is always looking for new members to join the teams which put on 3 or 4 productions a year.

Actors are only a small part of the team. Generally, there are more people behind the stage than are on it! If you can work with a team and are willing to learn, there are many areas where you can put your abilities to good use.

Some of the core areas and roles include:


Theatre provides a great opportunity to use a wide range of creative and practical skills. We regularly need support in the backstage teams and if you visit the News page you will see in which areas we are looking for help.

You can find out more about the various backstage roles here:

  • Front of House Duties
  • Set Design & Build
  • Stage Management
  • Lighting & Effects
  • Sounds, Music & Dance
  • Properties, Costumes & Wardrobe
  • Crew \ Stage Hands: some shows require change of settings or props throughout performances, particularly with musicals.
  • Prompt: there is always someone 'on-the-book' during rehearsals to prompt the actors should they forget or lose their lines. The Prompt also needs to be there, in the wings, at all on-stage performances.
  • Refreshments & Morale!: If this all sounds too complicated then someone to make the tea during long technical rehearsals is very valued.
  • Photography: We need people to take pictures of every show for publicity and our records.

How to Join

If you are interested in joining our Company, please come along to the next opportunities to get involved as advertised on our News section or on Facebook.  If you have a specific query, please get in touch using our Contact Form.

Where to Find Us

For details of where we are located in Cheltenham, please check our Find Us section.