Lighting & Effects

Lighting Designer

The Lighting Designer, or 'LD' works with the Director and Set Designer from an early stage to create a lighting design and produces a workable plan ready for the theatre get-in. The Lighting Director will usually supervise the rigging of the lights in the theatre and programming lighting effects into the computerised lighting control board. The LD is also responsible for any special effects, such as smoke and pyrotechnics.

The Lighting Designer will pull together a team or 'Lighting Crew' to assist with the various tasks, including those below.

Assistant Lighting Designer

An Assistant Lighting Designer, or 'ALD' may be required for more complicated shows.  They will assist the LD with many of their tasks.  This is an excellent role for any aspiring Lighting Designer.

Lighting Operator

Operate and control the computerised lighting system in the Playhouse theatre which consists of over 100 lights and 72 dimmers.  Controlling over 150KW of lighting power.

Lighting Riggers

This is a team of people who help to rig and focus the lights within the theatre.

Spot Light Operators

To operate Follow Spots during the run of a musical show.