Properties, Costumes & Wardrobe

Properties Manager

Responsible for acquiring the necessary properties (or 'props') needed for the show: furniture, set dressing, crockery, personal props for the cast such as spectacles, pens etc. This person would usually be involved from the early stages of rehearsal to get a clear idea of what is required, and allow cast to rehearse with props as early on as possible.  Usually backstage during the performances to assist Stage Manager and Cast with props throughout each performance.

Properties Team

The Properties Manager needs assistance with sourcing props needed for the set and the actors, and with managing the props during performances. There may also be opportunities to create specialist props.

Costume Designer

The Costume Designer works with the Director and the Production Team to establish costume requirements for the production.  Working closely with the Wardrobe Manager, they are responsible for obtaining costumes for the cast either by hiring in, using our own extensive wardrobe or by designing & making new costume pieces.  The Costume Designer will often fulfill this role for smaller productions\casts, or may require an assistant when designing for a large production\cast.  They regularly need help with dress-making, alterations, and sourcing costumes; and also assisting with quick-changes in the wings or dressing rooms during the performances.

Wardrobe Manager

The Wardrobe Manager is responsible for maintaining our extensive and well-managed costume wardrobe housed at the Theatre. Wardrobe Managers work closely with the Costume Designer and will often fulfill the Costumer Designer role for smaller productions\casts.

Wardrobe Team

Assists the Wardrobe Manager in all tasks.