Stage Management

Consisting of the Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager and Backstage crew.

Stage Manager

The Stage Manager, or 'SM' works with the Director and the Set Designer to finalise set requirements. They usually attend most rehearsals to get a clear idea of the running of the show and to addresses any complications early. The SM will take overall responsibility for the smooth operation and safety of cast, crew and public whilst in the Theater. They will help to arrange the set-build, manage the running of the show and close down the Theater each night.

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Assistant Stage Manager

The Assistant Stage Manager, or 'ASM' will assist the Stage Manager in the setting up and running of the show, as well as liaising with the Director and Production Secretary. This is a very good way of learning the ropes and getting to know everyone involved. It is ideal for any aspiring Stage Manager.

Backstage Crew

A number of people are usually needed (numbers depend on complexity of the production) to help with the running of the show - movement of set furniture, or curtains etc.