AlbieMedia publishes outstanding review of A Doll's House

​AlbieMedia has published an wonderfully positive and extensive review of our premiere performance of A Doll's House.

A Doll’s House cast on stage

"A frank depiction of the inner workings of married life and the theme of women’s liberation caused uproar on its premiere in 1879. While this subject matter was enough to shock conservative theatre-goers at the time, even today the play has lost none of its emotional impact, particularly when handled as masterfully as in the Playhouse Company’s new production." - AlbieMedia

Repeating in a similarly positive theme to the comments already passed on by other audience members of our opening night, the review concludes:

A Doll’s House cast on stage"It is the sheer amount of thought that has gone into this production that sets it apart from a lot of classic revivals. The production team and cast have not relied on gimmicks to try and hook a modern audience, what they have done here is bring a complex, challenging piece to full blooded life, with an abundance of care and passion, transforming what seems dry and didactic on the page into sparkling, compelling theatre. Perhaps the most ringing endorsement one can give is that given that the play runs for 3 acts, this is one of those rare performances that will keep the audience engaged for every minute of its near 3 hour run time. If this review has hinted at a production full of subtlety and surprises, please go and see for yourself. There is more to discover here than these simple words can convey." - AlbieMedia

The full review can be read on the AlbieMedia website:

A Doll's House runs until Saturday the 11th of March. Tickets are just £11 and available from The Playhouse Theatre box office on 01242 522852 or book online.

Posted: Saturday, 4 March, 2017 - 11:31