July 2018


Photo of the The Real Inpsector Hound cast


Summer Double Bill

'The Real Inspector Hound'  and  'Black Comedy'

Congratulations to everyone involved, the plays were well attended and received plenty of laughs along the way as well as a favorable review by Gloucestershire Live/Echo, despite a couple of accidents on the final night! Unfortunately, the final showing of Black Comedy had to be cut short as a result - quite an unusual way to close the show, even for us.

Thankfully, we can report that the actors involved are safe and well, and we apologise to those that attended but did not get to see the play in its entirety.

The success of our double-bill is thanks to the talent, dedication and effort shown by all members of the cast, production team, stage crew and Front of House. Thank you! Thanks also, of course, to all our loyal members who attended the production.

Photo of the Black Comedy cast



The Ladykillers

By Graham Linehan and Directed by Anne Chandler
From the motion picture screenplay by William Rose
By special arrangement with StudioCanal and Fiery Angel Ltd. London

Fri 2nd & Sat 3rd, Wed 7th - Sat 10th November

With the double bill now firmly behind us, we look to our autumn production; The Ladykillers! The last of our two Play Reading's takes place on Monday 16th July, followed by auditions on Thursday 19th & Friday 20th July.

Our play reading is your first opportunity to acquaint yourself with the script, although it is not necessary to attend in order to audition. All are welcome to both the play reading and auditions, including non-members.

Play Overview

The classic Ealing comedy re-imagined for the stage.

A gang of criminal misfits take refuge in the house of kindly Mrs Wilberforce whilst they plan their next big job.

Professor Marcus, the gang's mastermind, has concocted a devilish heist, which Mrs Wilberforce unwittingly becomes a part of. It's the perfect crime; after all who would suspect an innocent old lady of daylight robbery?

After Mrs Wilberforce becomes aware of their deception, it becomes clear that she is intent on going to the police and the gang realises there is only one way they can guarantee she stays silent…

But tying up this loose end soon threatens to unravel all of their best made plans!


Due to the nature of some of the writing, and the hierarchy of the gang itself, isolating individual audition pieces for each and every character has proven difficult.
In order to give actors a better chance to shine as these roles, the audition process will be as follows:

  1. As yourself: Read a passage from your favourite book
  2. Then in character: Explain why it is your favourite book (I.e. War and Peace as described by Mrs Wilberforce, or a Terry Pratchett by Marcus or One Round)

Character List

A sweet and eccentric old widow who lives alone with her hideous parrot General Gordon. With nothing to occupy her time but an active imagination, she is a frequent visitor to the local police station, where she reports fanciful suspicions regarding neighborhood activities.
Well acquainted with Mrs Wilberforce and her fanciful tales, the police continue to humor her, whilst ultimately giving her reports no credence whatsoever.
A criminal mastermind. Marcus is the gang's ringleader. Possessed of a keen intellect, he is quick-witted and charming; doing much of the talking on the gang's behalf. Yet there remains a sinister undertone hinting at a much darker personality.
A cheeky Cockney, Harry is a petty crook who spends much of his time pocketing small items and erasing the gangs fingerprints from the house.
A deadly continental gangster. He is bitter and cruel, and quite vocal about his concerns about Marcus' decision involve Mrs. Wilberforce in the plan.
A gentlemanly con-man, he is also an inherent coward which ironically makes him an easy target for Marcus to manipulate.
The muscle of the group. A punch drunk ex-boxer, slow witted but kind hearted, he often struggles keeping up with the conversations of his peers.

Important Dates

      Monday 16th July at 19:30  - Play Readings
           Thursday 19th July &
Friday 20th July at 19:30
 - Auditions


Empty Calendar

Programming Meeting

The programming meeting was very well attended this year, with over double the attendance of last year!
It was great hear so many ideas from both new and old faces alike. Over 27 plays were pitched on the night, leaving the committee with some tough decisions ahead.  As we begin narrowing the search by checking availability, we hope to hold readings of some of the favourites in the coming months, once The Ladykillers is well and truly off the ground.  Keep an eye on this space.

Your Committee

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Chair & Production Admin
Lloyd Spencer
Jan Uzzell
Hannah Galliers
Newsletter & Communications
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Ben Lowater
Committee Members
Liz Maisey
Kishi de l'Allebone
Maria Marriott

Our next Committee Meeting: July 2018 - TBC
Contact us at any time using our online form: https://www.theplayhousecompany.org.uk/contact

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