October 2021

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God of Carnage, By Yasmina Reza, Translated by Chrisptopher Hampton
By Yasmina Reza  -  Translated by Chrisptopher Hampton  -  Directed by Toby Shergold
Wednesday 20th - Saturday 23rd October 2021


It has been over 18 months since we last performed in front of a live audience.  Now there is little over a week until our latest production hits the stage!  We appreciate it has been a long and nervous road back to this point, but your continued support has never been more vital.  We hope to see you there.

God of Carnage is an acerbic and humorous ninety-minute play from the author of Art.

Two middle-class families attempt to mend fences after one child has knocked the other’s teeth out with a stick in the park. This attempt at civility inevitably ends up with the two couples clashing and things descend into chaos as their politeness and pretensions are stripped away.

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Alan - Grant Heymer
Annette - Harriet Tarpy
Michael - Lloyd Spencer
Veronica - Jasmine James

This amateur production of “God of Carnage” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.  www.concordtheatricals.co.uk

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Extraordinary General Meeting
Wednesday 10th November 2021

Save the date:  an EGM has been arranged to discuss and vote upon our proposal for the Playhouse Company to become an official subsidiary of Cheltenham Playhouse, as communicated to members in April.  Further details will be shared very soon.  For the EGM to be considered quorate we will need a minimum of 20 current members in attendance, so please do show your support and join us if you are able.  Only current members are able to vote at the meeting.

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Chair & Production Admin
Lloyd Spencer
Newsletter & Communications
Lee Chappell
Harriet Tarpy
Committee Members

Ben Pugsley

Charlotte Wilson

Hannah Galliers

Jamie Kitson

Jan Uzzell

Simon Byrne

Our next Committee Meeting: Date TBC
Contact us at any time using our online form: https://www.theplayhousecompany.org.uk/contact

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